I am very proud to have selected HALO Branded Solutions to provide the service I requested to support several hundred troops located in Afghanistan for the Holiday Season. I ordered a huge amount to be delivered before the holidays and the request filled and delivered in less than 10 days, pretty impressive considering our location. Thank you again Victor Hramtsov for your support and your fantastic customer service over the years.

  • Penn Walker
  • Nov 19, 2012

Victor is very responsive with inquiries as well as orders. He knows the products lines so well, he can recommend equivalent items at a lower price. He makes sure to follow up that we received and were satisfied with our items. Victor always comes through for LA City Sanitation. Thank you.

  • Cindy Kovacs
  • City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation
  • Nov 06, 2009

Three things to look for in a product: Cost (always), Quality, and Customer Service. Victor Hramtsov came through with all three! He delivered the BEST looking medallion I have seen in a combined 35 years military/law enforcement. When we pass it out, whether to a commander or a troop, everyone else in the room wishes they could have one too. And Victor helped with every step of the process; from planning, to design, to manufacturing, to delivery, he was there to assist. Great Job!

  • James McDonald
  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Oct 28, 2009

It is a pleasure working with Victor Hramtsov. I experienced some problems in the past and Victor was there through the whole process and provided excellent customer service at all hours of the day and even on weekends. -- Cindy Proctor, IRS

  • Cindy Proctor
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Oct 07, 2009

Victor has always been there for Heritage Global, providing the information we needed to make a decision and then providing the product on time and with an extremely high quality product. All I can say is thank you Victor for making my job easier. Lydia McCarthy SVP, Operations

  • Lydia McCarthy
  • Heritage Global
  • Oct 01, 2009